PT. Sarana Teknik Chain Belt Pulley


V-BeltPT.SARANA TEKNIK POWER TWIST BELT FENNERPowerTwist Plus V-BeltsPLEASE EMAIL : SARANAGROUP@CBN.NET.ID PowerTwist Plus V-Belts, a permanent replacement for rubber V-Belts,are for the everyday industrial workhorse that can be installed on existing pulleys with no changes in set-up. PowerTwist Plus products are great for distribution centers, glass conveying, air handling systems, packaging, wood processing, tile manufacturing, food processing, poultry industry, and many more applications.PowerTwist Plus V-Belts can outperform conventional rubber endless V-Belts hands-down. Perfectly suited to Z/10, 3L, A/13, B/17, and C/22 drives and easily installation in minutes without tear-downs or struggling with rusted motor bases. Have an application where static electricity is a concern? PowerTwist Plus Antistatic is the answer… with all the benefits of standard PowerTwist Plus and the best antistatic properties of any V-belt on the market.DGDGTT
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