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Supert Link Sp Wedge Belt Brand Fenner
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Specification of Supert Link Sp Wedge Belt Brand Fenner

Spesification :

Link Transmission V-Belt
71 - 355 Mm, Max. 22.27 Kw | Supertlink
Nutlink V-Belts For Classical V-Section Drives And Supertlink Belts For Wedge Sp Drives Offer V-Belt Performance With A Multitude Of Additional Benefits:
A Longer Lasting Belt
Nutlink And Supertlink Detachable
V-Belts Are Made From A Polyester/Polyurethane Composite. This Combination Ensures A Longer Belt Life Even In The Harshest Conditions -- Up To 20 Times Longer In Some Applications.
High Resistance To Extreme Temperatures (-40&Deg; To +100&Deg;C)
High Resistance To Abrasive Materials
High Resistance To Water, Steam, Oil And Most Chemicals

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